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When Miyake also wants to do the Ara6 pose.


BEAUTIFUL OKADA episode 8: 日本にいくつの島があるか、ご存知か?

Narrator: First of all, does Okada know how many islands there are in Japan?

Okada: Hmm, well, there are a lot of them!

Okada: A hundred and…fifty.

Narrator: The answer is…six thousand eight hundred and fifty two islands!

Okada: HUH?

Okada: There are that many?

Okada: Oh, so you wanted me to include the tiny ones too?


Leave me here to flail over how ridiculously cute this was. I adore their friendship!


This girl’s last request before she quits the judo team is to do one last finishing move on the person she likes.

And that person turns out to be Okada.


Via Twitter.

At 2008 he goes way back to looking like a little boy, and then in 2013 bam. I wouldn’t be able to put all this in order haha.

music day 2014.07.12: johnny’s medley. [x (last year’s)]






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